Insert WS-Addressing


The WS-Addressing specification defines a transport-independent standard for including addressing information in SOAP messages. The API Gateway can generate WS-Addressing information based on a configured endpoint in a policy, and then insert this information into SOAP messages.


Complete the following fields to configure the API Gateway to insert WS-Addressing information into the SOAP message header.


Enter an appropriate name for the filter.


The message is delivered to the specified destination.


Informs the destination server where the message originated from.

Reply To:

Indicates to the destination server where it should send response messages to.

Fault To:

Indicates to the destination server where it should send fault messages to.


A unique identifier to distinguish this message from others at the destination server. It also provides a mechanism for correlating a specific request with its corresponding response message.


The specified action indicates what action the destination server should take on the message. Typically, the value of the WS-Addressing Action element corresponds to the SOAPAction on the request message. For this reason, this field defaults to the soap.request.action message attribute.

Relates To:

If responses are to be received asynchronously, the specified value provides a method to associate an incoming reply to its corresponding request.


The WS-Addressing namespace to use in the WS-Addressing block.