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Oracle® Server X6-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Logistics Checklist

Complete the following checklist to ensure that the logistics requirements are met for the data center in which the server will be installed.

Table 16  Logistics Checklist
Logistics Considerations
Do you have contact information for the data center personnel?
Is there security or access control for the data center?
Are there any security background checks or security clearances required for vendor personnel to access the data center? If yes, then do you have a recommended agency?
How many days in advance must background checks be completed?
Are there any additional security access issues?
Is computer room access available for installation personnel?
Are laptops, cell phones, and cameras allowed in the data center?
Does the building have a delivery dock?
Is there a delivery/unpacking/staging area?
Is the delivery inside?
If the delivery is not inside, then is the site prepared for uncrating?
Is the unpacking/staging area protected from the elements?
Does the building have adequate receiving space?
Is the unpacking area air-conditioned to avoid thermal shock for various hardware components?
Will sufficient moving personnel be available to install the hardware?
Are you prepared for uncrating and trash removal?
Are there any restrictions on delivery and trash removal?
Are there any restrictions on delivery truck length, width or height?
Does the customer allow cardboard boxes and other packing material in the computer room?
Is there a time constraint on dock access? If yes, then provide time constraints.
Is tail lift required on delivery carrier to unload the equipment at the delivery dock?

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