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Oracle® Server X6-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

ESD and Safety Precautions

Electronic equipment is susceptible to damage by static electricity. Use a grounded antistatic wrist strap, foot strap, or equivalent safety equipment to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) when you install or service the server.


Caution  -  To protect electronic components from electrostatic damage, which can permanently disable the system or require repair by service technicians, place components on an antistatic surface, such as an antistatic discharge mat, an antistatic bag, or a disposable antistatic mat. Wear an antistatic grounding strap connected to a metal surface on the chassis when you work on system components.

Read the safety information in the Oracle Server X6-2L Safety and Compliance Guide and in the Important Safety Information for Oracle's Hardware Systems before installing the server.


Caution  -  Deploy the anti-tilt bar or legs on the equipment rack before beginning an installation.


Caution  -  Depending upon the configuration, a fully populated server can weigh up to 29.937 kg (66 pounds). Two people are required to lift and mount this 2 rack unit (2U) server into a rack enclosure when using the procedures in this document.

image:Figure showing that two people are required to lift the server.


Caution  -  When completing a two-person procedure, always communicate your intentions clearly before, during, and after each step to minimize confusion.

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