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Oracle® Server X6-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Installing the Server Into a Rack

This section describes how to install the server into a rack using the rail assembly in the rackmount kit.

Note -  In this guide, the term "rack" means either an open rack or a closed cabinet.
Complete all installation prerequisite tasks.
Check that your rack meets the requirements for installation of this server.
Review safety precautions.
Verify that you have received all components in the rackmount kit.
Stabilize the rack.
Install mounting brackets onto the server.
Mark the rackmount location.
Mark the rackmount location.
Attach the tool-less slide-rail assembly to the rack.
Install the server into the slide-rail assembly.
(Optional) Install the Shipping Bracket With Cable Trough for shipping the server in a rack.
(Optional) Install the cable management arm for routing server cables.

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