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Oracle® Server X6-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Stabilize the Rack for Installation


Caution  -  To reduce the risk of personal injury, stabilize the rack cabinet, and extend all anti-tilt devices before installing the server.

Refer to your rack documentation for detailed instructions for the following steps.

  1. Open and remove the front and rear doors from the rack cabinet.

    Note -  The front and rear doors need to be removed only if they impinge on the mounting bay.
  2. To prevent the rack cabinet from tipping during the installation, fully extend the rack cabinet's anti-tilt legs or anti-tilt bar, which are located at the bottom front of the rack cabinet.
  3. If the rack includes leveling feet beneath the rack cabinet to prevent it from rolling, extend these leveling feet fully downward to the floor.


    Caution  -  When moving the rack to a new location, including repacking, verify that the leveling feet are up before moving the rack.

  4. After the cabinet is installed in its location, you can use the shipping brackets to secure the cabinet to the floor.

    Caution  -  Shipping brackets are not for use for bracing or anchoring the rack during seismic events.

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