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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

OpenBoot CLI Overview

The OpenBoot CLI is based on the industry-standard interactive programming language called FORTH. Combining sequences of commands to form complete programs provides the capability for debugging hardware and software.

The OpenBoot CLI is based on an interactive command interpreter that gives you access to an extensive set of functions for hardware and software development, fault isolation, and debugging. Any level of user can use these functions.

The default prompt on SPARC systems is displayed as follows:

{0} ok

The number inside the braces represents the CPU identification (CPUID) of the thread of execution on which OpenBoot is running.

You can enter the OpenBoot environment by:

  • Halting the OS

  • Sending a break from the SP

  • Power cycling the system

    If your virtual machine is not configured to boot automatically, the virtual machine stops at the OpenBoot CLI.

    If automatic booting is configured, you can make the virtual machine stop at the OpenBoot CLI by sending a break from Oracle ILOM after the display console banner is displayed, but before the virtual machine starts booting the OS.

  • When the hardware detects an error from which it cannot recover.

The console is used as the primary means of communication between OpenBoot and the user. The console consists of an input device, used for receiving information supplied by the user, and an output device, used for sending information to the user. Typically, the console is either the combination of a text and graphics display device and a keyboard or an ASCII terminal connected to a serial port.

For more information about accessing the OpenBoot CLI, see Accessing the OpenBoot CLI and Getting Help. Also refer to the administration guide for your platform. Oracle SPARC server documentation is available at http://docs.oracle.com/en/servers/. In the administration guide, look for sections titled Obtain the OpenBoot Prompt or Getting to the ok Prompt. For example, this URL takes you to the relevant section in the Oracle SPARC T7 Series Servers Administration Guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E54990_01/html/E55000/z40002fe1298584.html.

You can use these variables to assign the power-on defaults. These values do not take effect until after the next power cycle or reset.

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