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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Virtual machine Information Commands

The OpenBoot CLI provides commands to display virtual machine information. banner is provided by all OpenBoot implementations; the remaining commands represent extensions provided by some implementations.

Note -  Additional commands and procedures are described in Interrogating the System With OpenBoot Commands.
Displays the power-on banner.
Displays current Ethernet address.
Returns the revision level of FCode interface.
The human-readable representation of the revision level is a string of the form major.minor, where major and minor are decimal numbers. The fcode-revision returns a single number representation whose value is given by the formula (major + minor). For example, if the release number were 2.12, the return value would be 0x0002.000C.
The revision level of the device interface described by this standard is 3.0. Therefore, fcode-revision returns 0x0003.0000.
This FCode returns the revision level of the FCode device interface (that is, which FCodes are supported). Virtual machines which support OpenBoot return a value of (hex) 0003.0000 (that is, 3.0), or possibly greater, as might be required by future editions of this specification.
OpenBoot version 2.x systems return a similar encoding, (hex) 0002.00xx. OpenBoot version 1.x systems return a value of (hex) 0000.xxxx.
Displays the property name to specify the IDPROM contents.
prop-encoded-array: Byte array, encoded with encode-bytes.
The 32-byte value of this property is the verbatim contents of the IDPROM structure, which contains the machine’s serial number, Ethernet address, and other information.
Displays a list of SPARC trap types.
Shows all devices beneath the indicated node.
Skips leading space delimiters. Parses device-specifier delimited by a space. Discards the remainder of the command line. Shows the full device path for each device in the subtree of the device tree underneath the specified node. The search process by which the specified node is located is as defined in 4.3, using the rules given for find-device. If device-specifier is the empty string (that is, there is nothing on the command line following show-devs), shows all devices.
Syntax:show-devs device-specifier
For further details and examples, see Display the Device Tree.
Displays the version of the OpenBoot firmware. For example:
{0} ok .version
Release 4.40.4.build_03 created 2016/08/17 14:05

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