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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Configuration Variable Commands

You can modify the values of the system configuration variables that are stored in persistent storage using the OpenBoot commands listed in this section.

Alternatively, you can use the Oracle Solaris eeprom command for modifying OpenBoot configuration variables when the virtual machine is running the OS.

All configuration variable modifications persist across a power cycle as long as the configuration of the virtual machine does not change.


Caution  -  Use extreme care when changing a configuration variable. An incorrect setting or typo can prevent the virtual machine from booting.

Displays all current parameters and current default values. Numbers are usually shown as decimal values.
printenv parameter shows the current value of the named parameter.
setenv parameter value
Sets parameter to the specified decimal or text value.
(Changes are permanent, but usually only take effect after a reset.)
set-default parameter
Resets the value of the named parameter to the factory default.

Note -  To reset all the variables, see Set Up the Security Password.

Resets all variables to default values.

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