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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Boot Over the Network

  1. On the virtual machine you plan to boot, Access the OpenBoot CLI.

    See Accessing the OpenBoot CLI and Getting Help.

  2. Boot the virtual machine over the network.

    For a detailed description of the boot syntax and valid boot arguments, see Arguments Supported by Network Boot.

    Network booting examples:

    • Using RARP (the default) and booting from the device that is specified for the net parameter.

      {0} ok boot net
    • Using RARP (the default) and specifying a specific device-specifier:

      {0} ok boot /pci@300/pci@1/network@0
    • Using DHCP:and booting from the device specified for the net parameter.:

      {0} ok boot net:dhcp
    • Using DHCP:and specifying a specific device-specifier:

      {0} ok boot /pci@300/pci@1/network@0:dhcp

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