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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Command Completion Keystrokes

The command completion extension enables OpenBoot to complete long FORTH word names by searching the dictionary for one or more matches based on the already-typed portion of a word. When you type a portion of a word followed by the command completion keystroke, Control-Space, OpenBoot behaves as follows:

  • If OpenBoot finds exactly one matching word, the remainder of the word is automatically displayed.

  • If OpenBoot finds several possible matches, it displays all of the characters that are common to all of the possibilities.

  • If OpenBoot cannot find a match for the already-typed characters, it deletes characters from the right until there is at least one match for the remaining characters.

  • The system beeps if it can not determine an unambiguous match.

In addition to the keystrokes listed in this table, you can also use NVRAMRC script editor keystrokes on the command line. See NVRAMRC Script Editor Keystroke Commands.

Completes the name of the current word.
Displays all possible matches for the current word.
Displays all possible matches for the current word.

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