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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Access the OpenBoot CLI (Solaris Running)

Use this procedure when the host status is Solaris Running.

This procedure assumes that you performed Identify a Method to Get to the OpenBoot CLI, and you are still logged into Oracle ILOM.

This procedure can be used on systems with a single instance of the Oracle Solaris OS, and on an individual virtual instance of the OS that is running on a physical domain, logical domain, global zone, or kernel zone. For additional details, refer to the Oracle Solaris documentation library for the version of Oracle Solaris running on your system at http://docs.oracle.com/en/operating-systems/.

Note -  The Oracle ILOM CLI examples in this section are for a single PDomain system. For multiple domain systems, replace /HOST with /HOSTx, where x is the PDomain number.
  1. Switch communication to the host console and press Return.
    -> start /HOST/console
    Are you sure you want to start /HOST/console (y/n)? y
    Serial console started. To stop, type #.
  2. Login to Oracle Solaris as a user with the superuser role, and shutdown the OS:
    # init 0

    Once the OS completes the shutdown, the ok prompt is displayed indicating that you are accessing the OpenBoot CLI.

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