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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Boot a Virtual machine From a Specific Device

  1. Access the OpenBoot CLI.

    See Accessing the OpenBoot CLI and Getting Help.

  2. (Optional) Display device aliases.

    If you need to identify a device alias for a boot device, type:

    Note -  A device alias does not indicate whether a device is bootable, but most virtual machines have a device alias configured for the boot device.
    {0} ok devalias
    screen                   /pci@300/pci@4/display@0
    fallback-miniroot        /pci@300/pci@2/usb@0/hub@3/storage@1/disk@0
    rcdrom                   /pci@300/pci@2/usb@0/hub@3/storage@1/disk@0
    primary-vds0             /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/virtual-disk-server@0
    primary-vsw0             /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/virtual-network-switch@0
    primary-vcc0             /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/virtual-console-concentrator@0
    net3                     /pci@300/pci@3/network@0,1
    net2                     /pci@300/pci@3/network@0
    cdrom                    /pci@300/pci@2/usb@0/hub@8/device@1/storage@0/disk@0
    net1                     /pci@300/pci@1/network@0,1
    net                      /pci@300/pci@1/network@0
    net0                     /pci@300/pci@1/network@0
    scsi                     /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0
    scsi0                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0
    disk7                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@p7
    disk6                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@p6
    disk5                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@p5
    disk4                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@p4
    disk3                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@p3
    disk2                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@p2
    disk1                    /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@p1

    Also see Create a Device Alias.

  3. Boot the virtual machine by specifying boot parameters.

    Type the boot command with an explicit boot device. The virtual machine boots from the specified boot device using the default boot arguments.

    • To explicitly boot from the device that is defined by the disk device alias, type:

      {0} ok boot disk
    • To explicitly boot from the network that is defined for the net device alias, type:

      {0} ok boot net
    • To boot from a specific device, type:

      {0} ok boot /pci@301/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@w5000cca123456789,0:a

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