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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Set the security-mode Variable

The security-mode variable can restrict the set of operations that users are allowed to perform from the OpenBoot CLI.


Caution  -  It is important to remember your security password and to configure the security password before setting the security mode. If you forget this password, you cannot use your virtual machine; you must call your vendor's customer support service to make your virtual machine bootable again.

  1. Access the OpenBoot CLI.

    See Accessing the OpenBoot CLI and Getting Help.

  2. Set the OpenBoot password before setting the security-mode variable.

    See Set Up the Security Password.

  3. At the OpenBoot prompt, type:
    {0} ok setenv security-mode name

    Where name is one of the three security mode values that are listed in this table (from most to least secure).

    For business continuity reasons, consider setting the security-mode parameter to command.

    A password is required to perform any action, including the boot and go commands.
    Applies these policies:
    • A password is not required if you type the boot command by itself or the go command. However, if you use the boot command with an argument, a password is required.

    • A password is required to execute any other command.

    No password is required (default).
  4. Obtain the security mode prompt.

    After setting the security mode, there are two ways to obtain the security mode prompt.

    • Use the logout and login words.
      {0} ok logout
      Type boot , go (continue), or login (command mode)
      > login
      Firmware Password: password
      Type help for more information
      {0} ok

      To exit the security mode, use the logout and login names, as shown in the example.

    • Use the reset-all command.
      {0} ok reset-all

      This command resets the virtual machine. When the virtual machine comes back up, OpenBoot goes to the security mode prompt. To log back in to the command prompt (or log out of the security mode), use the logout and login names, and then enter the password, as described above.

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