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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Arguments Supported by Network Boot

This is the syntax for booting over the network:

boot <network-device>:[dhcp|bootp],[server-IP],

All arguments are optional. Commas are required for missing positional parameters unless they are at the end of the list.

server-IP, client-IP, router-IP, and subnet-mask are specified in Internet standard dotted-decimal notation. If any of server-IP, boot-filename, client-ip, router-IP, and subnet-mask are specified, the ROM client uses these values instead of any values which are (or might be) obtained by the normal configuration process.

The network boot arguments can also be specified by setting the network-boot-arguments configuration variable (see Setting Configuration Variables).

For example:

{0} ok setenv network-boot-arguments host-ip=client-IP,router-ip=router-ip,subnet-mask=mask-value,hostname=client-name,http-proxy=proxy-ip:port,file=wanbootCGI-URL

This table lists the valid arguments for the network boot command.

Is the name of the standalone program to be loaded by TFTP from the server. The default file name is constructed from the IP address if the boot protocol is RARP, or from the client class identifier if using DHCP or BOOTP.
Is the maximum number of retries attempted before the boot process is determined to have failed.
Is the IP address of the client (that is, the virtual machine being booted).
Specifies the use of DHCP as the address discovery protocol to be used. bootp is treated as a synonym of DHCP (that is, the client still uses DHCP format messages). The client accepts a BOOTP configuration only if no DHCP configurations are offered.
Is the IP address of the network interface on the virtual machine being booted.
Is the IP address of router to be used.
Is the IP address of the TFTP server from which the standalone boot program is to be downloaded.
Is the subnet mask on the local network.
Is the maximum number of retries attempted before the TFTP process is determined to have failed.

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