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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Set Up the Security Password

Use this procedure to create or change and existing OpenBoot password.


Caution  -  It is important to remember your security password and to configure the security password before setting the security mode. If you forget this password, you cannot use your virtual machine; you must call your vendor's customer support service to make your virtual machine bootable again.

The security password you assign must be between zero and eight characters. Any characters after the eighth are ignored. You do not have to reset the virtual machine; the security feature takes effect immediately. All printable characters are accepted. Control characters are not accepted.

Note -  Setting the password to zero characters turns off security and treats the security-mode parameter as if it were set to none. However, it does not change the setting.

Once security mode is enabled, if you enter an incorrect security password, there will be a delay of about 10 seconds before the next boot prompt appears. The number of times that an incorrect security password is typed is stored in the security-#badlogins variable.

  1. Access the OpenBoot CLI.

    See Accessing the OpenBoot CLI and Getting Help.

  2. At the OpenBoot prompt, type:
    {0} ok password
    New password (8 characters max): password
    Retype new password: password
    {0} ok

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