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Oracle® OpenBoot 4.x Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Reset All Variables to Default Values (Using Oracle ILOM CLI)

Oracle ILOM provides a set of host boot mode properties that enables you to override the default method for booting the virtual machine OS on a SPARC server.

The host boot mode properties in Oracle ILOM are intended to help resolve corrupt boot mode settings with OpenBoot or LDoms. The boot mode properties, when set in Oracle ILOM, apply only to a single boot and expire within 10 minutes if the power on the host SPARC server is not reset.

For additional details about this Oracle ILOM feature, refer to the section called Overriding SPARC Host Boot Mode in the Oracle ILOM Administration Guide for Configuration and Maintenance document for the version of Oracle ILOM running on your system. This URL goes to that section for version 3.2.x http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37444_01/html/E37446/z40000061582150.html.

Note -  The Oracle ILOM CLI examples in this section are for a single PDomain system. For multiple domain systems, replace /HOST with /HOSTx, where x is the PDomain number.
  1. Access Oracle ILOM.

    You can use the Oracle ILOM web interface or CLI to set the host boot mode properties. This procedure uses the Oracle ILOM CLI.

  2. At the Oracle ILOM CLI prompt, enter one of these command lines:

    For a single-domain server, type:

    -> set /HOST/bootmode state=reset_nvram
  3. Reset the virtual machine.
    • For a single-domain server, type:
      -> reset /System
    • For a multi-domain server, type:
      -> reset /HOSTx

      Where x is the PDomain number.

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