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Oracle VTS 8.2.0 Software User's Guide

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Updated: March 2017



architecture diagramindex iconSoftware Architecture
auto mode sequencerindex iconAuto Mode Sequencer
cliindex iconUse the Auto Mode Sequencer (CLI)
guiindex iconUse the Auto Mode Sequencer (GUI)
ttyindex iconUse the Auto Mode Sequencer (TTY UI)


component stress test modeindex iconComponent Stress Test Mode
configuration file parameters
disk testindex iconDisk Test Configuration File Parameters
HBA testindex iconHost Bus Adapter Test Configuration File Parameters
interconnect testindex iconIo_Interconnect Test Configuration File Parameters
network test
index iconNetwork Test Configuration File Parameters
index iconMemory Test Configuration File Parameters
removable disk testindex iconRemovable Disk Test Configuration File Parameters
VTS harnessindex iconVTS Harness Configuration File Parameters
configuration file, unsafe optionsindex iconCreate a Configuration File for the Unsafe Option
configuring test session
cliindex iconConfiguring the Test Session (CLI)
guiindex iconConfiguring the Test Session (GUI)
ttyindex iconConfiguring the Test Session (TTY UI)
25-pin port A-to-A port B-to-B plugindex icon25-Pin Port A-to-A Port B-to-B Plug
25-pin port A-to-port B plugindex icon25-Pin Port A-to-Port B Plug
9-pin female DB-9 external connectorindex icon9-Pin Female DB-9 External Connector
9-pin female single port plugindex icon9-Pin Female Single-Port Plug
9-pin male DB-9 external connectorindex icon9-Pin Male DB-9 External Connector
9-pin male single port plugindex icon9-Pin Male Single-Port Plug
9-pin to 9-pin port-to-port cableindex icon9-Pin to 9-Pin Port-to-Port Cable
NT to TE cableindex iconNT to TE Cable
TPE cable for fast ethernetindex iconTPE Cable for Fast Ethernet
TPE cable for gigabit and 10/100 ethernetindex iconTPE Cable for Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet
connector, overviewindex iconTest Connector Overview
create test session
cliindex iconCreate and Save a Test Session (CLI)
guiindex iconCreate and Save a Test Session (GUI)
ttyindex iconCreate and Save a Test Session (TTY UI)


delete session
cliindex iconDelete a Test Session (CLI)
guiindex iconDelete a Test Session (GUI)
ttyindex iconDelete a Test Session (TTY UI)
device preparationsindex iconDevice Preparations
documentationindex iconRelated Documentation


feedbackindex iconFeedback


global options
cliindex iconDisplay and Set Global Options (CLI)
guiindex iconChange Global Options (GUI)
ttyindex iconChange Global Options (TTY UI)


host configuration
cliindex iconView the Host Configuration
guiindex iconView the Host Configuration (GUI)
index iconView the Host Configuration
index iconView the Host System Configuration (TTY UI)


individual test options
cliindex iconChange Individual Test Options (CLI)
guiindex iconChange Individual Test Options (GUI)
ttyindex iconChange Individual Test Options (TTY UI)
packagesindex iconObtaining Packages for Installation
requirementsindex iconInstallation Requirements


limitationsindex iconOverview and Limitations
list session
cliindex iconList Test Sessions (CLI)
guiindex iconList Test Sessions (GUI)
ttyindex iconList Test Sessions (TTY UI)
load session
cliindex iconLoad a Test Session (CLI)
guiindex iconLoad a Test Session (GUI)
index iconLoad a Test Session (CLI)
index iconLoad a Test Session (TTY UI)
log file
fmdumpindex iconLog File Descriptions
system log fileindex iconLog File Descriptions
vts error fileindex iconLog File Descriptions
vts kernel error logindex iconLog Files
log files
descriptionindex iconLog File Descriptions
Oracle Solaris system message logindex iconLog Files
Report logindex iconLog Files
Verbose logindex iconLog Files
vts information logindex iconLog Files
log files, delete
cliindex iconDeleting the Log Files
guiindex iconDelete the Log Files (GUI)
log files, review
cliindex iconReview the Log Files (CLI)
guiindex iconReview the Log Files (GUI)
ttyindex iconReview the Log Files (TTY UI)


man page accessindex iconSet Up Man Page Access
messages, softwareindex iconVTS Messages
monitor session
cliindex iconMonitor the Test Session (CLI)
guiindex iconMonitor the Test Session
ttyindex iconMonitor the Test Session


online stress test modeindex iconOnline Stress Test Mode
cliindex iconCLI Overview
guiindex iconGUI Overview
softwareindex iconSoftware Overview
ttyindex iconTTY UI Overview


quit software
cliindex iconStop the CLI
guiindex iconQuit the GUI
ttyindex iconQuit VTS TTY UI


related documentationindex iconRelated Documentation
reprobe device
cliindex iconReprobe the Devices (CLI)
ttyindex iconReprobe the Devices (TTY UI)
requirements, installationindex iconInstallation Requirements
reset session
index iconReset a Test Session (CLI)
index iconReset the Test Session (CLI)
index iconReset a Test Session (GUI)
index iconReset the Test Session (GUI)
index iconReset a Test Session (TTY UI)
index iconReset the Test Session Results (TTY UI)
runtime considerationsindex iconRuntime Considerations


safe and unsafe optionsindex iconSafe and Unsafe Options
save test session
cliindex iconCreate and Save a Test Session (CLI)
guiindex iconCreate and Save a Test Session (GUI)
ttyindex iconCreate and Save a Test Session (TTY UI)
select device
cliindex iconSelect Device to Test (CLI)
guiindex iconSelect Device to Test (GUI)
ttyindex iconSelect Devices to Test (TTY UI)
select test mode
cliindex iconDisplay and Set a Test Mode (CLI)
guiindex iconSelect a Test Mode (GUI)
ttyindex iconSelect a Test Mode (TTY UI)
service processorindex iconUse the Service Processor to Boot From the VTS Image
architectureindex iconSoftware Architecture
overviewindex iconSoftware Overview
versionindex iconDetermine Installed Software Version
software packages
SUNWvtsindex iconSoftware Packages
SUNWvtsmnindex iconSoftware Packages
SUNWvtsrindex iconSoftware Packages
SUNWvtssindex iconSoftware Packages
SUNWvtstsindex iconSoftware Packages
start software
bootable cdindex iconStart the Software (Bootable CD/DVD)
cd or usbindex iconStarting the Software (CD/DVD)
cliindex iconStart the Software (CLI)
guiindex iconStart the Software (GUI)
interfaceindex iconStarting the Software (Interface)
no interfaceindex iconStarting the Software (No Interface)
tty guiindex iconStart the Software (TTY UI)
stop session
cliindex iconStop the Test Session (CLI)
guiindex iconStop the Test Session (GUI)
ttyindex iconStop the Test Session (TTY UI)
system exerciser test modeindex iconSystem Exerciser Test Mode


test levelsindex iconAutomatic Setting of Levels
test modesindex iconUnderstanding Test Modes
component stressindex iconComponent Stress Test Mode
online stressindex iconOnline Stress Test Mode
system exerciserindex iconSystem Exerciser Test Mode
test report, generateindex iconGenerate a Test Report
test status indicatorsindex iconTest Status Indicators
testable componentsindex iconTestable Components
diskindex iconTestable Components
environmentindex iconTestable Components
graphicsindex iconTestable Components
hbaindex iconTestable Components
interconnectsindex iconTestable Components
io portsindex iconTestable Components
mediaindex iconTestable Components
memoryindex iconTestable Components
networkindex iconTestable Components
processorindex iconTestable Components
removable diskindex iconTestable Components
disk testindex iconDisk Subtests
environment testindex iconEnvironment Test Requirements
graphics testindex iconGraphics Test Overview
HBA testindex iconHost Bus Adapter Test Modes
interconnect testindex iconIo_Interconnect Test Mode
io ports testindex iconIOports Test Overview
media testindex iconMedia Test Overview
memory testindex iconMemory Test Overview
network testindex iconNetwork Test Overview
processor testindex iconProcessor Test Overview
removable disk testindex iconRemovable Disk Test Overview
helpindex iconDisplay TTY UI HELP and Release Table
navigationindex iconKeyboard Commands for Navigation (TTY UI)
release tableindex iconDisplay TTY UI HELP and Release Table


understanding test modesindex iconUnderstanding Test Modes
user interface
cliindex iconUser Interface Options
guiindex iconUser Interface Options
ttyindex iconUser Interface Options


vts on ldomsindex iconVTS on Logical Domains
vtsprobe utilityindex iconUse the vtsprobe Utility