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Oracle VTS 8.2.0 Software User's Guide

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Updated: March 2017

Running Oracle VTS on LDOMS

This section describes the behaviour of Oracle VTS when run on primary or logical domains of a LDOM configured system.

VTS on the Primary or Control Domain

In the control domain, Oracle Solaris has a complete view to the path of all physical devices in the system. VTS probes information of the physical devices from the OS that it uses to diagnose the device. It is recommended to run Oracle VTS on control domain that has complete access to all its underlying devices. VTS runs normally and all features and user interfaces behave as implemented.

VTS on Logical or Guest Domains

A logical or guest domain, has virtual representations of physical resources, such as CPUs, IO Devices and memory. Oracle VTS is not designed to accurately interpret and test such logical representations of physical resources.

It is recommended not to run Oracle VTS on a guest domain as it gives a logical view of the underlying devices. If there is a use case or a need to run VTS on LDOMs, the below sections describe the expected behavior.