Quick Start

Configure and customize your identity domain, and create and manage Oracle Identity Cloud Service users, groups, and applications using the tasks described below.


Prerequisite More Information

Purchase a subscription to Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Purchase a nonmetered subscription. See Buying a Nonmetered Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

Set up your Oracle Public Cloud Services account or activate the order.

Set up your account or activate your order. See Activating Your Order in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

Obtain, from your Identity Domain Administrator, the appropriate account credentials and authorization to access Oracle Identity Cloud Service APIs. See your Identity Domain Administrator to obtain your user name, password, and Identity Domain name.

Step 1: Log In to Your Oracle Identity Cloud Service Instance

After you activate your account, you are sent login credentials and a link to the home page of your Oracle Identity Cloud Service tenant instance. Click the provided link in the email, and then enter the provided login credentials. Your Oracle Identity Cloud Service home page appears.

Step 2: Install cURL

The examples within this document use the cURL command line tool to demonstrate how to access the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST APIs.

To connect securely to the server, you must install a version of cURL that supports SSL and provide an SSL certificate authority (CA) certificate file or bundle to authenticate against the Verisign CA certificate. For more information about:

The following procedure demonstrates how to install cURL on a Windows 64 bit system.
  1. In your browser, navigate to the cURL home page at http://curl.haxx.se, and then click Download in the left navigation menu.

  2. On the cURL Releases and Downloads page, locate the SSL-enabled version of the cURL software that corresponds to your operating system, and then click the link to download the ZIP file.

  3. Install the software.

  4. Navigate to the cURL CA Certs page at http://curl.haxx.se/docs/caextract.html, and then download the ca-bundle.crt SSL certificate authority (CA) certificate bundle into the folder where you installed cURL.

  5. Set the cURL environment variable:
    • Open a command window

    • Navigate to the directory where you installed cURL

    • Set the cURL environment variable (CURL_CA_BUNDLE) to the SSLCA certificate bundle location. For example: C:\curl> set CURL_CA_BUNDLE=ca-bundle.crt

Step 3: Understand the Resource URL Format

You access the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST APIs using a URL, which includes the REST endpoint, the resource that you want to access, and any query parameters that you want to include in your request.

The basic endpoint for the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST API is:


See Send Requests for specific details on building these URLs.

Step 4: Set Up Authorization

You need to generate the access token that you can then use to authorize requests that you send to the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST API.

See Authorization.

You are now ready to send requests to Oracle Identity Cloud Service using cURL.

Step 5: Manage Your Oracle Identity Service Resources

Begin using the REST API for Oracle Identity Cloud Services to manage overall configuration as well as managing identities and resources.
  • Customize the UI, default settings (see the Settings endpoint in the Common section), email notifications (see the Notification section), and password policy (see the Identity section).

  • Onboard users & groups (see the Users and Groups endpoints in the Identity section).

  • Assign users and groups to applications (see the Apps and Identity sections).

  • Create & manage custom applications (see the Apps endpoint).

  • View reports (see the Reports section).