Using the Postman Collection

A Postman solution is available for use with the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST APIs that includes a Postman collection, a Postman environment, and a tutorial.

Use this Postman collection with the REST APIs to:


See Postman for more information on the Postman product.
  • Learn which REST APIs are available

  • Work with various payloads

  • Test and save scenarios

  • Have multiple test environments

  • Make calls and clearly see responses to APIs without resorting to command line options

Get the Collection Files

The Oracle Identity Cloud Service Postman collection is contained in a single Postman collection file and organized into folders within the collection. Folders are organized based on use cases, use scenarios, and so on, and include variations of API use. Download the following collection and environment files from GitHub and import them into Postman:
  • REST_API_for_Oracle_Identity_Cloud_Service_postman_collection.json

  • example_environment.json

  • oracle_identity_cloud_service_postman_globals.json

Use the Tutorial

The Postman collection has an accompanying tutorial (Using the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST APIs with Postman) that shows you how to set everything up using the collection and then make REST API calls to Oracle Identity Cloud Service using Postman.