Email authoring

It's easy to create rich, responsive emails using the Design Editor. The redesigned user interface lets you focus on building personalized, visually appealing content without wrestling with frameworks or HTML code. Using the Design Editor you can create the refined and marketable emails that are the building blocks to a successful campaign.

Note: Not all fonts will render in a mobile client. The more common web-safe fonts are at the top of the font drop-down list.

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Build fully responsive emails

Without touching any HTML code, your emails will render in many different email clients and across many screen sizes.

Drag-and-drop editing

Easily create great emails using the simple drag-and-drop interface. Place components on the email canvas and know that your layout will adapt across many screen sizes.

Build compelling email design with ease

New features of the Design Editor make it easier to achieve your desired design.

Include shared components

Create highly personalized emails for audiences using field merges, shared content, and dynamic content. It's also easy to identify shared components that could prevent your email from adapting to screen sizes. Learn some tips to keeping your shared components responsive.

Preview and test

You can send with confidence when you make use of the preview and test features:

Design Editor email support

Many combinations of devices and operating systems may have differing results. The following email clients and browsers have been identified as the most commonly used clients and have been tested for responsive or mobile friendly elements.

Desktop   Mobile Web mail
Thunderbird 52+ Gmail app on Android 5.1+ Gmail
Apple Mail 9+ Gmail app for iOS
Outlook 2007+ Mail app on iOS 8+ Microsoft Office 365
  iOS 11 Windows 10 Mail

Note: Versions of Outlook from Outlook 2007 to present use Microsoft Word to render HTML email. This can cause problems with email rendering. Try to determine the version of Outlook most used by your email subscribers and design and test for that version.

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Exporting email HTML

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Previewing emails

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