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Oracle Inventory Reports and Processes

ABC Assignments Report

ABC Descending Value Report

Account Alias Listing

All Inventories Value Report

Cost Type Comparison Report

Customer Item Commodity Codes Listing

Customer Item Cross References Report

Customer Items Report

Cycle Count Entries and Adjustments Report

Cycle Count Hit/Miss Analysis

Cycle Count Listing

Cycle Count Open Requests Listing

Cycle Count Schedule Requests Report

Cycle Count Unscheduled Items Report

Cycle Counts Pending Approval Report

Delete Items Report

Detailed Item Cost Report

Elemental Cost Report

Elemental Inventory Value Report

Expected Receipts Report

Expired Lots Report

Forecast Comparison Report

Forecast Detail Report

Forecast Rule Listing

Freight Carrier Listing

Import Items

Inactive Items Report

Inter-organization Shipping Information Listing

Intransit Value Report

Inventory Value Report

Invoice Price Variance Report

Item Categories Report

Item Cost Reports

Item Cross-References Listing

Item Definition Detail

Item Definition Summary

Item Demand History Report

Item Quantities Summary

Item Relationships Listing

Item Replenishment Count Report

Item Reservations Report

Item Statuses Report

Item Template Listing

Item-Subinventory Report

Locator Listing

Locator Quantities Report

Lot Transaction Register

Margin Analysis Report

Material Account Distribution Detail

Material Account Distribution Summary

Min-Max Planning Report

Movement Statistics Report

Multi-Organization Quantity Report

Organization Parameters Listing

Overdue Supplier Shipments Report

Overhead Report

Period Close Value Summary

Physical Inventory Tags

Physical Inventory Accuracy Analysis

Physical Inventory Adjustments Report

Physical Inventory Counts Report

Physical Inventory Missing Tag Listing

Physical Inventory Tag Listing

Physical Inventory Tags

Physical Inventory Trend Analysis

Physical Inventory Summary Analysis

Planner Listing

Purchase Price Variance Report

Purge Replenishment Counts

Receipt Adjustments Report

Receipt Traveler

Receiving Account Distribution Report

Receiving Exceptions Report

Receiving Transactions Register

Receiving Value Report

Receiving Value Report By Destination Account

Reload Safety Stocks

Reorder Point Planning Report

Serial Generation

Serial Number Detail

Serial Number Transaction Register

Status Attributes Listing

Subinventory Account Value Report

Subinventory Listing

Subinventory Quantities Report

Transaction Historical Summary

Transaction Purge

Transaction Register

Transaction Source Type Summary

Transfer Transactions to GL

Unit of Measure Listing

Supplier Lot Trace Report

Update item statuses with pending statuses

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