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The Sales Organization

Sales Strategy

Sales Goals and Strategies

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Business Scenario for Contacts

Adding a Contact

Associating a Contact with an Account

Associating a Contact with an Opportunity

Associating Attachments with a Contact

Promoting a Personal Contact to a Sales Contact

Creating a Profile for a Contact

Updating Contact Information in External Systems

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Business Scenario for Accounts

Business Scenario for Global Accounts

Creating an Account

Associating a Contact with an Account

Associating an Account with an Activity

Associating an Account with an Opportunity

Performing Account Assessments

Updating Account Information in External Systems

Viewing Account Credit Profiles

Viewing Global Accounts

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Business Scenario for Opportunities

Opportunities Screen Views

Opportunities Processes and Procedures

Opportunities Lead Assignment

Lead Response

Lead Qualification, Sales Methods and Stages

Creating an Opportunity

Changing the Primary Sales Team Member

Monitoring Significant Opportunity Transactions

Assessing an Opportunity

Viewing Decision Issues for an Opportunity

Associating a Contact with an Opportunity

Activities Associated with an Opportunity

Associating a Product with an Opportunity

Creating a Quote from an Opportunity

Creating an Organization Analysis

Adding Attachments and Notes to Opportunities

Opportunity Charts

Generating Opportunity Reports

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D&B Integration

Business Scenarios for D&B Integration

Accessing Company Data and Reports with D&B

Viewing D&B Aggregate Data for a Company

Promoting a D&B Account

Creating a Prospect List from D&B Data

Viewing a D&B Report

Using Global Integration to Add New D&B Accounts

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Decision Issues

Business Scenario for Decision Issues

Associating a Decision Issue with an Opportunity

Adding Decision Issues Details

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Business Scenario for Competitors

Associating a Competitor with an Opportunity

Viewing Competitor Comparisons

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Business Scenario for Products

Viewing Product Features and Image

Viewing Product Comparisons

Viewing Product Literature

Viewing Product Price Lists

Viewing Related Products

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Business Scenario for Activities

Creating Sales Activities

Delegating a Sales Activity

Associating an Employee or Resource with an Activity

Activity Templates and Activity Plans

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Business Scenario for Messages

Message Alert Types

Creating a New Message

Setting Up a Message Alerts

Viewing Messages

Sorting Messages by Intervals

Associating a Message with an Opportunity

Associating an Attachment with a Message

Associating an Activity with a Message

Sending a Message Using Email

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Business Scenario for Correspondence

Creating Correspondence

Editing a Correspondence Template

Adding Recipients to Correspondence

Enclosing Literature with Correspondence

Generating Correspondence

Previewing Letters and Labels

Sending Correspondence to a Fulfillment Center

Monitoring Fulfillment Requests

Recalling Submitted Correspondence

Creating a Personal Correspondence Template

Batch Printing Correspondence

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Business Scenario for Literature

Viewing Literature

Sending Literature by Email and Fax

Viewing Product Literature

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Business Scenario for Categories

Adding a Category

Searching for a Category

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Business Scenario for Quotes

Creating a Quote

Using Auto Quote to Create a Quote

Adding a Line Item to a Quote

Repricing a Line Item in a Quote

Renumbering Quote Line Items

Deleting Line Items in a Quote

Adding a Write-In Product to the Price List for a Quote

Applying a Manual Discount to a Quote

Customizing a Product for a Quote

Creating Favorites for Quotes

Creating Delta Quotes

Revising a Quote

Using Siebel eAdvisor for Quote Solutions

Updating an Opportunity with Quote Information

Creating Orders from Quotes

Adding Payment and Billing Information to a Quote

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Business Scenario for Proposals

Generating Sales Proposals

Creating a Proposal

Generating a Proposal Draft

Modifying and Adding Content to a Proposal

Printing a Proposal

Locking a Proposal

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Business Scenario for Presentations

Generating Presentations

Creating a Presentation

Generating a Presentation Draft

Modifying Presentation Structure and Adding Content

Printing a Presentation

Locking a Presentation

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Business Scenario for References

Managing Accounts and References

Designating an Account as a Reference

Associating an Activity with a Reference

Associating a Contact with a Reference

Associating an Attachment with a Reference

Adding a Reference Activity to the Calendar

Adding a Note to a Reference

Adding Profile Information to a Reference

Searching for References

Viewing Reference Assets and Profiles Charts

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Enterprise Selling Process

Using ESP Methodology to Manage Accounts

Business Scenario for Enterprise Selling Process

Enterprise Selling Process Views and Procedures

Adding ESP Business Unit and Service Unit Information

Adding ESP Business and Service Unit Offerings

Conducting an ESP Organizational Analysis

Charting the Organization's Reporting Structure

Adding Partners for ESP Analysis

Viewing the BU/SU Offering Summary

Adding ESP Objectives

Adding ESP Account Plan Highlights

Viewing an ESP Manager's Review

Generating ESP Account Plan and Account Map Reports

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Target Account Selling

Using Target Account Selling to Manage Opportunities

Business Scenario for Target Account Selling

Target Account Selling Views and Procedures

Completing a TAS Overview

Assessing an Opportunity

Developing Strategy with TAS Competitive Analysis

Conducting an Organizational Analysis

Adding Customer Milestones

Developing a Relationship Strategy

Viewing PRIME Activities

Adding Notes

Creating TAS Opportunity Plan and Initial Plan Reports

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Strategic Selling

Using Strategic Selling to Support the Sales Process

Strategic Selling Views and Procedures

Business Scenario for Strategic Selling

Meeting the Single Sales Objective

Adding Buying Influences Information

Adding Position Summary Information

Adding Possible Actions

Viewing and Adding Best Actions

Creating a Blue Sheet Report

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 Siebel Sales User Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003