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1 Introduction to Exalogic Elastic Cloud

2 Understanding Exalogic Control

3 Installing Oracle VM Server on Exalogic Compute Nodes

4 Configuring the Exalogic Machine and Setting Up the Exalogic vDC

5 Understanding Exalogic Networks

6 Creating and Managing Users and Roles

7 Task Overviews and Basic Concepts

8 Monitoring the Exalogic Machine

9 Exalogic vDC Management: Basic Tasks

10 Exalogic vDC Management: Advanced Tasks

11 Deploying Assemblies in the Exalogic vDC Using OVAB Deployer

A Exploring the Exalogic Control BUI

B Installing the Cloud Management API and CLI

C Exalogic vDC Management Using IaaS CLI: Basic Tasks

D Deleting Exalogic vDC Resources Using the IaaS CLI: Example Procedures

E Customizing Guest vServer Images

F Managing LVM Partitions on Guest vServers

G Creating Server Templates from vServers

H Setting Up Access to the ZFS Storage Appliance for a vServer