The ATG platform installer is available as a self-extracting Windows executable (ATG2007.3.exe) or UNIX binary file (ATG2007.3.bin). This distribution file includes the following ATG products:

Follow these steps to install the ATG platform:

  1. Run the ATG2007.3.exe or ATG2007.3.bin file to start the setup program.

    Note: If you are installing on a Linux variety that includes GCJ, in order to avoid installation errors you must specify a JVM that includes the javax.swing classes, which are not included in GCJ. Use the following command:

    $sh ./install.bin LAX_VM path_to_java_executable

    For example:

    $sh ./ATG2007.3_678.bin LAX_VM /usr/local/j2sdk1_4_2_03/bin/java

  2. After you accept the terms of the license agreement, select the installation folder for the ATG software (C:\ATG\ATG2007.3 or /home/ATG/ATG2007.3, for example).

  3. Select the ATG products you want to install.

  4. Select your application server.

  5. If installing for JBoss, enter the following configuration information :

    If installing for WebLogic, enter the following:

    If installing for WebSphere, enter the following:

Important for WebLogic: The ATG setup program adds a protocol.jar file to the WebLogic domain directory you specified during the installation process. Before you start WebLogic, open the <WLdir>\user_projects\domains\your_domain\startWebLogic.{cmd|sh} file and add the protocol.jar path to the beginning of the CLASSPATH variable. For example:

set CLASSPATH=C:\BEA\user_projects\domains\mydomain\protocol.jar;
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