The most comprehensive and automated tool for setting up a database in the ATG platform is the Database Initializer. This tool guides you through the steps of specifying a DataSource and a set of ATG modules; then, based on what you specify, the Database Initializer runs the scripts that create the database tables and populate them with data.

Typically, you run the Database Initializer when you are switching your ATG applications over from using a SOLID database to a production-quality database management system. You can also use the Database Initializer to create tables in or add data to the database when you add new modules or applications to your ATG installation.

The Database Initializer can run three types of files:

Note: While the Database Initializer can create all of the tables needed by ATG applications, your target database may require other initialization steps (such as the creation of accounts and tablespaces, and installation and configuration of JDBC drivers) before you can use the Database Initializer to create the ATG tables.

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