You can start the ATG Control Center in several ways, depending on whether you’re starting it on the machine the Nucleus-based application and application server are running on, or on a separate client machine.

To connect to a Nucleus-based application from a client machine, you must use the client version of the ACC (see Installing the ATG Control Center on a Client Machine in the Installing the ATG Platform chapter for more information). Note that for a Nucleus-based application to accept connections from the ACC, all of the following must be true:

  • The application includes the DAS-UI module.

  • The rmiEnabled property of the /atg/dynamo/Configuration component is set to true.

  • The adminPort property of the /atg/dynamo/Configuration component is set to the listen port of your application server (for example, the JBoss default is 8080).

These settings are all part of the default configuration, so you generally do not need to configure them.

In addition, to enable the client version of the ACC to connect to an application, the application must include the DafEar.Admin module. This module is not included by default, so you must explicitly specify it when you assemble the application. See Including the Dynamo Administration UI in the ATG Programming Guide for more information.

BEA WebLogic 10 Note: If you are using this application server, your WebLogic username and password must be the same as the ACC username and password. Otherwise, you will see authentication errors when you try to use the ACC. Since BEA requires the password to be at least 8 characters long, you may need to change your ACC password, which can be done using the Change Password link in the Dynamo Admin UI.

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