To start the ATG Control Center on a client machine and connect to an ATG application running on a remote application server:

When the ACC starts up, it displays the Connect to Server screen. Enter a valid user name and password, and the RMI port number, and select the locale from the drop-down menu. By default, the initial settings are:

In addition, you must specify the name of the host machine on which the Nucleus-based application is running. This is the name used to identify the machine on a network.

Logging in to a Different Nucleus-Based Application

When the client ACC connects to a Nucleus-based application, it compiles information about the modules in that application (see the Working with Application Modules chapter in the ATG Programming Guide for information). To disconnect the ACC from one application and connect to an application that includes a different combination of modules, close down the ACC and restart it to ensure that the ACC compiles all the necessary information.


If you encounter any errors while using the client ATG Control Center, check the /data/acc.log file in the ACC installation for related information.

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