The settings in the ATG base configuration layer are optimized for application development, but may not be appropriate for a production environment. When you’re ready to deploy your Nucleus-based application in a production environment, enable the settings in the liveconfig configuration layer. This layer, which is disabled by default, overrides many of the default configuration settings with values that are more appropriate for a deployed site. For example, the liveconfig configuration layer improves performance by reducing error checking and detection of modified properties files.

To enable liveconfig, add the following line to the WEB-INF/ATG-INF/dynamo.env file in the atg_bootstrap.war module of your EAR file:


The application assembler automatically includes this line in dynamo.env if you specify the –liveconfig flag when you invoke the runAssembler command.

JBoss Note: If you are using ATG Portals with JBoss, and you use the –liveconfig flag when you create your EAR file, you must also have a lock manager configured and running in order to create or edit communities.

To disable liveconfig in an application in which it is currently enabled, remove the line shown above, or change the value to off.

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