The Configuration Manager’s Dynamo server list shows the servers registered with the Configuration Manager. Any changes you make to the default configuration affect all Dynamo servers that are using the default configuration for that setting.

To configure an individual server, click on the server’s name in the list. To configure a cluster, see the Configuring for Production chapter.

The Changing Component Properties with the ACC section included an example of how to change the port number of Dynamo’s internal RMI server. To make that same change using the Configuration Manager, do the following:

  1. Click on the name of the server you want to configure (for example, Default Configuration).

    The Server page opens, listing the configuration properties that you can modify in various categories.

  2. In the Configure Internal Servers section and click on the RMI Server link.

  3. When the Configure RMI Service page opens, type the new port number in the RMI service port field.

  4. Click on Apply Changes.

The change is written to a properties file in your ATG installation, but does not affect the currently running Nucleus-based application. For a development-mode application, restart the application for the change to take effect. For a standalone application that is not using your ATG installation configuration, reassemble and redeploy the EAR.

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