A few configuration properties are not accessible through the ATG Control Center or Configuration Manager, and must be edited manually. However, even if a property can be modified through other means, you always have the option of making configuration changes manually.

To manually edit a properties file, do the following:

For example, to change the port number of Dynamo’s RMI server to 8862 manually, open your <ATG2007.3dir>/home/localconfig/atg/dynamo/Configuration.properties file and add (or modify) the following line:


Then save the Configuration.properties file and restart the Nucleus-based application. Because you made the change in the localconfig directory, the new port number will override the original value (still stored in the config/atg/dynamo/Configuration.properties file) and will be preserved when you install a new ATG platform distribution.

For additional information about defining and managing properties files, see the Nucleus: Organizing JavaBean Components chapter of the ATG Programming Guide.

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