Once the SOLID server is running, you can start up your application server. The QuincyFunds.ear application has already been deployed by the ATG installer. (For information about starting up, see your application server documentation).

Note: Because of the way the demo databases are configured for evaluation purposes, you cannot include more than one demo module in your application.

Note: If you are running JBoss on Windows, you can access the demo from your Windows Start button. If you selected the default shortcut location, go to Programs > ATG 2007.3 > ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine > Quincy Funds Financial Services.

The following tables list the default URLs for accessing the demos on the supported application servers.


URL and Documentation Link

Quincy Funds


ATG Quincy Funds Demo Documentation

Pioneer Cycling


ATG Consumer Commerce Reference Application Guide



ATG Business Commerce Reference Application Guide

On WebSphere, before using the demo, set the following properties:


Then recompile your pages.

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