If you run multiple ATG applications on the same site, you may want to share session-scoped Nucleus components between WAR files included in the same EAR file. By default, ATG makes the atg_bootstrap.war file the parent web application. It ships with the following information in the web.xml file:


The portal.war file also includes this servlet, so it could also be a parent web app. However, note that there can be only one parent web app specified per EAR file. Therefore, if you change the parent app, be sure to set the following context-param to the same values in all web.xml files within your EAR file:


The URL the context-param points to must be a WAR file with the SessionNameContextServlet defined in web.xml.

Note: This information applies only to session-scoped Nucleus components, and does not affect sessions obtained using atg.servlet.ServletUtil.getDynamoRequest(request).getSesssion(), which retain a context particular to the current web application.

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