Set the following properties of the DBCopier:




The DBConnectionInfo that service holds connection information for the database to copy from.


The DBConnectionInfo that service holds connection information for the database to copy into.


A comma-separated list of the names of the tables in the source database to be copied. If the native bulk copy program operates on one table at a time, the DBCopier imports table data in the order in which the tables are specified and deletes table data in the reverse order.


The name of a scratch directory for SQL and data files used during the copy operation. This directory must exist before the copy is launched. It is strongly recommended that no other processes or facilities use this scratch directory (especially other DBCopier instances).


Set this to true to delete the files in the scratch directory after the copy is performed. Defaults to false.

In addition to the above properties, which are common to all DBCopier classes, each of the DBCopier subclasses has the following properties you may need to configure.


This DBCopier for Microsoft SQL databases uses the bcp utility for copy data. Generally, you can use this copier with the default property settings, with one exception. You should set the BcpDBCopier’s maxTextOrImageSize property to a value no smaller than the largest text or image column in the tables being copied. See your Microsoft documentation for details.


This DBCopier for DB2 databases uses the DB2 export and import utilities. If you are running the DB2DBCopier on UNIX or any other operating system that uses “/” as a directory separator, set the useUnixStyleDir property of the DB2DBCopier component to true. If “\” is the directory separator, set the useUnixStyleDir to false. The DB2 export utility wants to store binary objects in their own files, so make sure that the directory property points to a location in which these files can be stored temporarily. See your DB2 documentation for details.


This class is a DBCopier for Oracle databases. This copier uses the Oracle exp and imp utilities. You can configure OracleDBCopier to use direct path for exporting. To enable direct path for exporting, set the useDirectPathForExport property of the OracleDBCopier to true. This property is false by default.

See your Oracle documentation for more information on using direct path with the exp utility.


This class is a DBCopier for SOLID databases. You should not need to change any configuration settings on the SolidDBCopier, other than the SQL environment, connection information, and the database and table names.

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