Before you start up a Nucleus-based application, make sure the SQL database you intend to use is running. For evaluation purposes, QuincyFunds.ear is preconfigured to work with the SOLID SQL database included in the ATG software distribution. This database comes fully configured with data for all of the ATG demo applications, including the Quincy Funds demo.

Note: The SOLID database is not supported on AIX. (See the Configuring Databases and Database Access chapter for information about configuring ATG products to work with other databases.)

To start SOLID:

On Windows:
On the Start menu, select the Start SOLID Server icon in the Tools folder of the ATG 2007.3 program group.

Run the <ATG2007.3dir>/home/bin/startSolid script.

Note: On UNIX, SOLID looks for the and files. If you are running Solaris 8, you must create symbolic links to the following files before running the startSolid script.

To create symbolic links, do the following:

Note: By default, SOLID starts in the background. On UNIX, you can run the SOLID server in the foreground, to see any SOLID error messages that occur. To start SOLID in the foreground, switch to the <ATG2007.3dir>/home/ directory and type bin/startSolid -f.

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