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1 Overview to Technical Foundation

Part I JD Edwards World Environment

2 Overview to the JD Edwards World Environment

3 Sign On and Off the JD Edwards World System

4 Signing On with Roles

5 Work with Menu Traveling

6 Display Functions and Options

7 Understand Hidden Selections

Part II Help Information

8 Overview to Help Information

9 Working with Online Help

10 Understand Documentation Services

Part III System Naming Conventions

11 Overview to System Naming Conventions

12 Understand Menu Naming Conventions

13 Review the Major Technical Files

14 Work with the Software Versions Repository

Part IV Environment Creation

15 Overview to Environment Creation

16 Understand JD Edwards World Libraries

17 Working with Software License Manager

18 Create a Production Environment

19 Work with User Profiles

20 Work with Roles

21 Review Release Level and Install History

22 Work with Extensibility Tool (Release A9.3 Update)

Part V User Defined Codes

23 Overview to User Defined Codes

24 Work with User Defined Codes

Part VI DREAM Writer

25 Overview to DREAM Writer

26 Understand DREAM Writer

27 Work with DREAM Writer

28 Review Version List Options and Functions Overview

29 Review Possible Errors and Joblogs in DREAM Writer

Part VII Additional DREAM Writer Options

30 Overview to Additional DREAM Writer Options

31 Use Additional DREAM Writer Options

Part VIII Menus

32 Overview to Menus

33 Understand Menu Design

34 Work with Menus

35 Work with Miscellaneous Menu Utilities

Part IX Additional Menu Design Tools

36 Overview to Additional Menu Design Tools

37 Review Additional Tools on Menus (G901)

38 Review Hidden Selection Tools

39 Set Up Job Stream Submissions

Part X Data Dictionary Design

40 Overview to Data Dictionary Repository

41 Understand the Data Dictionary Structure

42 Locate a Data Item Name

43 Work with the Data Dictionary

Part XI Vocabulary Overrides

44 Work with the Next Numbers Facility

45 Review the Field Reference File Rebuild

46 Overview to Vocabulary Overrides

47 Work with Vocabulary Overrides, Function Keys, and Generic Exits

48 Work with Vocabulary Override Rebuilds

Part XII Language and Jargon

49 Overview to Language and Jargon

50 Set Up a Language for a System or User

51 Change Language Descriptions and Glossaries

52 Add a Translated Title for DREAM Writer

53 Work with DREAM Writer Translate Processing Options

54 Work with Business Jargon

55 Review the Language and Jargon Search Process

Part XIII JD Edwards World Security

56 Overview to JD Edwards World Security

57 Set Up User and Group Security

58 Work with Menu Security

59 Set Up Action Code, Fast Path, Generic Text, and Search Type Security

60 Work with Business Unit Security

61 Work with Function Key Security

62 Work with Field Level Masking (Release A9.3 Update)

63 Set Up User Defined Codes Security

64 Set Up Batch Approval/Post Security

65 Set Up Report Writer Security

66 Change User Profile Ownership

67 Work With the Security Workbench

68 Work with Configuration Master Records

Part XIV Sarbanes-Oxley

69 Set Up Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

70 Work with SOX Reports

Part XV Unattended Night Operations

71 Overview to Unattended Night Operations (Sleeper)

72 Set Up Sleeper

73 Schedule Unattended Operations

74 Submit One-Time Jobs

75 Activate Sleeper

Part XVI Database Utilities

76 Overview to Database Utilities

77 Create User Data Files

78 Understand Other Data Base Options

79 Understand the Video Disk Catalog

80 Understand Other Documentation Services Options

Part XVII Processing Options

81 Additional DREAM Writer Options Processing Options

82 Environment Creation Processing Options

A Custom Initial Programs

B Data Dictionary Changes

C Functional Servers

D Attachment Links

E Quick Instructions to Set up Extensibility (Release A9.3 Update)

F Further Program Compiling Details when Setting up Extensibility (Release A9.3 Update)

G Example of Setting a Field with Field Level Masking (Release A9.3 Update)

H IBM Authorization Lists – Object Authority Information (Release A9.3 Update)

I Import Mass Data