The REST MVC API’s modular and extensible functionality is based on actors, which uses a number of different types of actors to perform a variety of functions. The interface contains the following actor types that perform specific actions or provide configurations. For detailed information on any of these classes, refer to the ATG Platform API Reference.

  • Component Actor – You use this actor to set component property values or invoke methods on a component, or to read component property values

  • Droplet Actor – Use this actor when you want to invoke droplets and output data from the droplet to the ModelMap. Inputs are mapped to the droplet input parameter. Other types of actors can be nested in the oparam parameter of a DropletActor

  • Form Actor – Use this actor to set up form handler inputs and submit a form

  • JSP Actor – This actor invokes a JSP page and adds the JSP response or JSP-defined variables to the ModelMap

  • Nested Actor – These actors allow you to invoke actor-chains from within other actor-chains, helping to define modular units of work that can be combined and extended.

  • Variable Actor – The VarActor enables you to set variables in the actor context

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