Specify the order in which form values are processed using the atg-rest-form-tag-priorities control parameter. Set the value of the control parameter to a JSON object that assigns an integer value to any of the form values that you wish to prioritize. Higher priority numbers are processed first. Values that you do not prioritize are assigned the priority zero.

The following example specifies that the value.password field should be processed before any other field.

curl -v -b cookies.txt -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d "{ "value.email": "sheroux@example.com", "value.password": "mypassword",
"value.confirmPassword": "mypassword", "value.firstName": "Severe",
"value.lastName": "Heroux", "atg-rest-form-tag-priorities":
{ "value.password": 10 } }" \http://myserver:8080/rest/bean/atg/store/

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