When you invoke a form handler, you must present it with a set of values as functional parameters. These values are the data that would be submitted in form fields if the form handler were being invoked from a user interface. Different types of form handlers require different parameters depending on the function they perform. See more information about form handlers in the ATG Page Developer's Guide.

For example, the /atg/store/profile/RegistrationFormHandler form handler requires a java.util.Dictionary property named value that holds a set of dictionary fields. The fields in the dictionary property hold the values that would be entered in user interface fields on a registration form. To invoke the /atg/store/profile/RegistrationFormHandler form handler, you must include a functional parameter for value.email, value.password, value.confirmPassword, value.firstName, and value.lastName.

The following JSON data contains the functional parameters required by the /atg/store/profile/RegistrationFormHandler form handler.

{ "value.email":"sheroux@example.com", "value.password":"mypassword",
"value.confirmPassword":"mypassword", "value.firstName":"Severe",
"value.lastName":"Heroux" }

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