ActionScript is the programming language for the Adobe Flash Player run-time environment. This library is useful for client applications written in Adobe Flash or Adobe Flex.

Note: Legacy REST Web Services were tested with ActionScript 3.

The ActionScript client library is nearly identical in structure to the Java client library. The main difference between the two libraries is the way they handle results:

The following code sample illustrates how the ActionScript client library handles results.

public function getPropertyValue():void {
RestComponentHelper.getPropertyValue("/atg/dynamo/Configuration", "httpPort",
null, session, handleResult, handleFault);
// get the httpPort property from the Configuration component

public function handleResult(pEvent:Event):void {
 var xml:XML = new XML(;
// create an XML object
// populate the control with the XML output

public function handleFault(pEvent:Event):void {"Fault");
// display an error dialog

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