You can configure the Legacy REST Web Services interface to return only the string representation of specific properties. This can be useful when you need to set the return depth to a level that returns certain deeply-nested properties but you do not want extensive, unnecessary detail for other properties. See Return Depth. Suppress property expansion to return only the string representation.

The following example output shows the string representation of a timestamp value.

"creationDate": "2008-10-21 16:52:00.0"

The following example output shows a timestamp value that has been expanded.

"creationDate": {
  "class": "class java.sql.Timestamp",
  "date": 21,
  "day": 2,
  "hours": 16,
  "minutes": 52,
  "month": 9,
  "nanos": 0,
  "seconds": 0,
  "time": 1224622320000,
  "timezoneOffset": 240,
  "year": 108

See instructions for suppressing property expansion in the following sections:

Suppressing Property Expansion for Java Classes

You can suppress property expansion for properties that have specific Java classes as their data types.

Suppressing Property Expansion for Specific Properties

You can suppress property expansion for specific properties.

  1. Add the property to the filteringConfiguration.xml file. See Default Filtering in Legacy REST.

  2. Include the expand attribute in the property element. Set the value of the attribute to false.

    <component name="/atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog"
    <item-descriptor name="product">
    <property name="creationDate"

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