The input element defines actor inputs and is used to pass values to the actors. The input element is used for all actor types.

The input element contains the following:




Defines the name of the input element.


Defines the value of the input element.


In certain actors, a property editor is used to modify the JSON or XML value into a complex object. Refer to The Component Elementsection for information on working with property editors.


Use this element to coerce the JSON or XML value into a complex object using the class-name attribute.


This attribute determines the order of the actor inputs.


Used only by the FormActor, this attribute is used to support form handler array support. Refer to The Form Elementsection for additional information.


Used only by the ComponentActor in a method call, this attribute defines the order of the method’s parameters. Refer to The Component Elementsection for additional information on this attribute.

The following is an example of an input element:

<input name="viewOrderId" value="${param.OrderId}"
    class-name="java.lang.String" index="0"/>

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