The SiteGroupsActor contains the getSites actor-chain that obtains a list of grouped and ungrouped sites. For information on site groups, refer to the ATG Multisite Administration Guide. The path for this actor is /atg/dynamo/droplet/multisite/SiteGroupsActor.

Parameters: None.

List Available Sites Example
curl -x -L -v -b agent_cookies.txt -H "Content-Type:
application/json" "http://localhost:8280/rest/model/atg/dynamo/droplet/multisite/

This REST service call returns a server response similar to the following, providing a list of sites:

      "id": "storeSiteUS",
      "name": "ATG Store"
      "id": "homeSite",
      "name": "ATG Home"
  "ungroupedSites": []

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