The ChangeOrderActor allows an agent to select an order and make it the current order in the Commerce Service Center global context area. This enables an agent to work on the order and any associated tickets. This actor uses the changeOrder actor-chain to obtain customer information. Additionally, this actor can be configured to present ticket disposition information. This actor is located at: /atg/commerce/custsvc/environment/ChangeOrderActor.




The ID of the customer to select.


If set to true, will present a warning to the agent when leaving the order they are currently working on and proceeding to the new order.


If set to true, will present ticket disposition prompts to the agent.


If doTicketDispositionPrompt is selected, this provides a ticket disposition option.


If doTicketDispositionPrompt is selected, this provides a ticket disposition reason code.


Used to provide a note associated with the ticket.


Identifies if the ticket note is public.

Select Order to Work On Example

This example confirms the ticket disposition, and displays any existing warnings.

curl -L -v -b agent_cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{
"newOrderId":\"o99810006\" \"doWarnings\":true, \"doTicketDispositionPrompt\":
true, "dispositionOption":\"save\" }" "http://localhost:8280/rest/model/atg/

This example makes the changes to the order ticket disposition.

curl -L -v -b agent_cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{
"newOrderId":\"o99810006\" \"doWarnings\":false, \"doTicketDispositionPrompt\":
false, "doWarnings":false, "doTicketDispositionPrompt":false, "ticketNote":
\"Junk mail\", "reasonCode":\"spam\", "dispositionOption":
\"close\"}" "http://localhost:8280/rest/model/atg/commerce/custsvc/environment/

The following may be response may occur from the server:

  "allWarnings":["The current working order has items in it and has not been
      saved. If you continue, the order will be lost."},

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