Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

System Requirements for Installing Oracle Solaris 11.2

The following table lists the minimum and recommended memory and disk space requirements to perform an initial installation of Oracle Solaris 11.2. You might need additional memory and disk space on your installed system.

Table 1-1  Installation System Requirements
Minimum Memory
Minimum Disk Space
Recommended Minimum Disk Space
Automated Installer
1.5 GB for x86
2 GB for SPARC
The minimum disk space needed for an automated installation varies depending on the number and size of the packages that you include in the installation.
13 GB for solaris-desktop
9 GB for solaris-large-server
8 GB for solaris-small-server
6 GB for solaris-minimal-server
Live Media
1.5 GB for x86
6.7 GB
8.7 GB
Text installer
1.5 GB for x86
2 GB for SPARC
4.9 GB for x86
4.9 GB for SPARC
6.9 GB for x86
6.9 GB for SPARC

For information about the supported systems and implementation differences between the platform types, see the Oracle Solaris OS: Hardware Compatibility Lists at