Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

zoneadm install and clone Subcommands Do Not Check for Duplicate Storage Devices (18685017)

When installing a kernel zone using zoneadm (1M) install or clone subcommands, no check is performed to ensure that the kernel zones boot disk is not already in use. This problem can lead to zoneadm (1M) install or clone subcommands overwriting disks that are currently in use.

No specific error message is displayed. However, a kernel zone might fail to boot with the following message:

could not read host data from any boot device

The zpools that are configured on multiple storage devices might report checksum errors on the kernel zone that is being installed or on the kernel zone that is already using the storage device.

Workaround: Before installing a new kernel zone by using the install or clone subcommands, ensure that the storage allocated to device resources is not already in use.