Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

x86: Oracle Solaris Does Not Boot on Disks Using Older Emulex FC HBA Cards (15806304)

On x86 systems, Oracle Solaris does not boot on disks using older Emulex FC HBA cards.

The following error message is displayed for Emulex FC HBA cards:

error: no such device: 07528c2afbec7b00.
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>  ls
(hd0) (hd0,gpt9) (hd0,gpt2) (hd0,gpt1) (hd1)
grub rescue>

Workaround: Choose one of the following workarounds:

  • Replace the old Emulex FC HBA cards with a recent model. You can use SG-XPCIEFCGBE-E8, SG-XPCIE1FC-EM8-Z, SG-XPCIE2FC-EM8-Z, LPe16002-M6-O or LPem16002-M6-O.

  • Ensure that the system boot volume is less than 2 TB.