Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

SPARC: Suspending an M5000 Server Might Hang the System (18552774)

On a SPARC system, suspending processes on an M5000 Server might hang the system.

The following error messages are displayed on the console:

DR: checking devices...
DR: suspending drivers...
suspending FJSV,oplmc@200,200 (aka mc-opl)
suspending FJSV,oplmc@210,200 (aka mc-opl)
suspending su@14,400000
suspending FJSV,scfc@14,200000 (aka scfd)
suspending FJSV,panel@14,280030 (aka oplpanel)
suspending ebus@1
suspending pci10cf,138f@8,4000 (aka pcicmu)
suspending su@14,400000
resuming pci14e4,1648@2,1 (aka bge)
resuming pci14e4,1648@2 (aka bge)
resuming pci1000,50@1 (aka mpt)
resuming scsiclass,00@1,0 (aka sd)

Workaround: None. However, you can reset the M5000 server to kill all suspended processes.