Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

ktkt_warn Service Is Disabled by Default (15774352)

The ktkt_warn service, used to renew a user's Kerberos credentials and warn about credential expiry, is now disabled by default. The following error message is displayed:

kinit:  no ktkt_warnd warning possible

Workaround: Choose one of the following workarounds to enable the service:

  • If the system already has Kerberos configured, use the svcadm command to enable the service.

    # svcadm enable ktkt_warn
  • If Kerberos has not been configured, run the kclient utility to configure Kerberos, which will also enable the ktkt_warn service.

    For more information about the kclient utility, see the kclient (1M) man page.