Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

Changes to User Password States With the passwd Command (15806373)

    Starting with Oracle Solaris 11.1, some of the password state transitions that were not allowed in Oracle Solaris 11 have been restored for authorized users. Specifically, the following password state transitions are now allowed with the passwd command:

  • Assigning a password to a non UNIX authentication account using passwd username.

  • Conversion of an account that has a password directly to a non UNIX authentication account.

  • Ability to manually lock and unlock an account that is in a non UNIX authentication state. In this case, the passwd –sa command shows NL for the account.

These password state transitions were supported in previous Oracle Solaris releases other than Oracle Solaris 11.

Note -  Assigning a new password to an account in the locked state still requires an explicit unlock with the passwd –u command. Also, accounts that are marked as non UNIX authentication accounts with the passwd –N command do not have the failed login counter increased.

For more information, see the passwd (1) man page.